Turn big data into actionable insights.

For supply chain leaders and decision makers in dynamic retail industries, Skulicity is the advanced business analytics platform that empowers your business decisions. Stock Up with Skulicity.

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Combined Solutions = More Power

DemandLink and Theta Retail have joined forces to become Skulicity. Combining the power of both these platforms means more tools, insight, and power in your hands to make informed decisions that transform the future for the better.

A powerful platform for complex, time-sensitive supply chains.

Facilitating business decisions in supply chains that manage live and perishable products is one of the most challenging retail environments. A small window of lost time can quickly become a complete product loss, and there are no re-dos.

Skulicity includes solutions for:

  • Forecasting
  • Replenishment
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Weather Analytics
  • And more

Handling perishable products, and far beyond.

Skulicity handles the complex needs of the horticulture, grocery, and live goods supply chains and industries that may not carry products with the same expiration concerns. In short, we provide the most efficient and adept tools for informing teams who work in the most intricate retail supply chains.

Skulicity is perfect for industries including:

  • Horticulture
  • Perishable grocery
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Retail softlines
  • Retail hardlines
  • And more
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Leigh Taylor, Senior ERP Manager

Bonnie Plants


“The level of service that we receive from Skulicity has been amazing. They consistently go above and beyond to assist with questions, issues, and training and are always available when needed…morning or night. They are absolutely the best to work with!”

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Fritz Mueller, CFO

Corso’s Horticulture


“Skulicity has been an extremely valuable business partner in providing great digital transformation solutions for Corso’s Horticulture. Working with Skulicity has become a seamless experience resulting in insightful customer data intelligence, reporting, and tools.”

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Jesus Gonzalez, CFO

Costa Farms


“The team at Skulicity has partnered with us on several engagements – consistently delivering impressive results and simply being a pleasure to work with. Whether they’re working with an entry-level team member or a seasoned executive, they manage every interaction in an expert fashion. I cannot recommend Skulicity highly enough.”

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Savvy execs and supply chain managers choose Skulicity because our thoughtful design and intelligent data aggregation enable teams to make business decisions confidently. Our deep understanding of perishable product supply chains means we understand your struggles and offer various tools to accommodate your challenges.

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