The supply chain never stands still. Neither do we.

Business owners, supply chain leaders, and other decision-makers in dynamic retail industries choose Skulicity to deliver the solutions they need and the deep insights their customers demand—all packaged in one easy-to-use tool suite.

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Intelligent + Helpful

DemandLink and Theta Retail are now Skulicity. Together, we’re one powerful platform with a difference, offering the intelligence you need in an easy-to-use, turnkey solution.

You make the product. We help you sell it.

Our rapid reporting and forecasting tools put enough inventory in the right place at the right time.

Skulicity’s predictive analytics deliver:

  • Inventory and sales reporting
  • Short-term planning and replenishment
  • Long-term forecasting
  • Mobile reporting
  • Weather analytics
  • And more

We thrive in the most demanding retail environments.

Do you sell consumer packaged goods to big box retailers? Or do you manage products with a short shelf life? Skulicity helps simplify all these complex logistics so that you can move products out of your warehouse and into your retailer’s hands at the right time.

Skulicity supports complex supply chain needs in:

  • Horticulture
  • Perishable grocery
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Retail softlines
  • Retail hardlines
  • And more
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Leigh Taylor, Senior ERP Manager

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“The level of service that we receive from Skulicity has been amazing. They consistently go above and beyond to assist with questions, issues, and training and are always available when needed…morning or night. They are absolutely the best to work with!”

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Fritz Mueller, CFO

Corso’s Horticulture


“Skulicity has been an extremely valuable business partner in providing great digital transformation solutions for Corso’s Horticulture. Working with Skulicity has become a seamless experience resulting in insightful customer data intelligence, reporting, and tools.”

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Jesus Gonzalez, CFO

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“The team at Skulicity has partnered with us on several engagements – consistently delivering impressive results and simply being a pleasure to work with. Whether they’re working with an entry-level team member or a seasoned executive, they manage every interaction in an expert fashion. I cannot recommend Skulicity highly enough.”

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At Skulicity, our intuitive platform uses the power of advanced business analytics to keep your inventory and sales moving. So stock up—with Skulicity.

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