You have a problem. Skulicity has the solution.

Let Skulicity help you get on top of your supply chain problems with our turnkey solution.

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We help you manage all the moving parts of your supply chain.

To drive a car, you only need to turn on the ignition. Skulicity also moves your supply chain in the right direction with an easy, one-stop solution that helps you create a plan and hit your internal sales targets.


When your buyer calls, you needed that sales data yesterday.

Skulicity pushes out daily sales and inventory data so you’re always on top of your retailer’s sales information and are ready with a solution—before they call. Plus, you can pull real-time data at any time at the tap of a button.


As sales go up, so does demand from your retailer.

Today’s retailers are looking for a sophisticated vendor base that can handle complexity. Skulicity makes it easy to manage retail inventory levels and forecast future consumer demand.


You want to build sales and your bottom line.

You don’t need your product to sit in a warehouse. We’ve built-in algorithms that consider details down to weather and customer demographics so you get the right product into the hands of the right people at the right time.


It’s Tuesday, and you have a delivery landing on Friday.

Skulicity helps automate determining how much product to send, so you are paid for as much product as you produce.


You need a better idea of where your business will go.

Skulicity uses a combination of causal effects such as sales history, weather patterns, macroeconomic data, and demographics to help add value to the demand planning process.


Your company is considering building a supply chain management system in-house.

That’s a heavy investment in dollars and time, upwards of two years. Skulicity’s turnkey solution is ready to use—choose our entire suite or the tools you need. Plus, you can lean on our white-glove customer support throughout the life of our product.

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“Skulicity has been an extremely valuable business partner in providing great digital transformation solutions for Corso’s Horticulture. Working with Skulicity has become a seamless experience resulting in insightful customer data intelligence, reporting, and tools.”

Fritz Mueller, CFO, Corso’s Horticulture

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