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Skulicity serves complex industries that sell to major retailers and grocery chains.

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Skulicity’s intuitive platform puts you in control of your industry’s complex logistics

We thrive in some of the most demanding retail environments, where time is of the essence. And it’s all thanks to the advanced data analytics and business intelligence built into our easy-to-use platform.



Skulicity’s planning and forecasting tools can help you maximize shelf/vase life, all while avoiding returns or reconditioning.


Perishable Grocery

Skulicity takes the guesswork out of inventory tracking for items like fresh produce, meat, and dairy that expire or have a short shelf life.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Fast-moving goods require rapid or routine replenishment, and Skulicity captures the live data you need to make on-time decisions.


Retail Hardlines

Skulicity’s insights can help map out surges in consumer spending and changing consumer tastes to help drive better business results.


Retail Softlines

Today’s customers expect more, even as return volumes are rising. Skulicity offers data-based intelligence to guide you in this complex industry.

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We tailor our intuitive platform to you.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or hire a team. At Skulicity, we’ve built in the capabilities you need to solve your industry’s specific pain points.

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“Skulicity has been an extremely valuable business partner in providing great digital transformation solutions for Corso’s Horticulture. Working with Skulicity has become a seamless experience resulting in insightful customer data intelligence, reporting, and tools.”

Fritz Mueller, CFO, Corso’s Horticulture

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Today’s complex industries require a sophisticated solution. But sophistication doesn’t have to be complicated. We deliver intelligent data in a simple way so you can run your everyday business with real results.

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