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Supply chain management is complex. Skulicity keeps it simple.


Today’s retailers are demanding more than ever from their vendors. Skulicity helps you meet these demands. It’s right there in our name: SKU + simplicity = Skulicity.

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Choose what works for your business.

Whether you want to invest in specific modules to “plug and play” or need a more robust, bundled solution for your complex supply chain needs, our flexible platform meets you where you are.

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Gain control over your retail inventory.

When a buyer calls, we make you look smart. With weather analytics and other forecasting algorithms, you can immediately pull up a live report to determine how much inventory to move.

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Get in-house expertise without hiring an in-house team.

You could do it on your own, but why would you want to? We call it white-glove service for a reason.Skulicity’s end-to-end support guides you through onboarding to implementation and never stops.

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Be invaluable and bolster your bottom line.

You want your customers to know that you’re invaluable. Skulicity enables you to strategize their sales (and yours) well into the future by predicting how much of the right product to put in the right place at the right time.

Your supply chain management solution for:

  • Horticulture
  • Perishable Grocery
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Retail Softlines
  • Retail Hardlines

Is Skulicity right for me?

Will Skulicity’s software work with our current ERP?

Yes! We’ve built secure data highways in and out of our platform that work seamlessly with Sage, Acumatica, SAP, Dynamics, and more—even systems you’ve created in-house. We also accept and export any form of data, whether csv, xml, or Excel. In other words, think of us as your universal translator.

Does Skulicity support my retailer?

Different retailers have different ways of sending you daily sales and inventory data. We’ve created solutions connecting with every retailer to capture this data for you through an EDI 852, a data service, an Excel file, or something else.

How do I view sales and inventory data?

Skulicity brings your data to where you are. Analyze your information through your local browser, mobile app, direct connection through Excel, and daily emailed reports.

How much does Skulicity’s platform cost?

You only invest in what you need to manage and sell your products. It’s up to you: Choose our full suite of tools or go a la carte. Either way, you’ll receive a flat monthly invoice. Contact us today to learn more about your needs and share specific pricing.

Is my company a good fit for Skulicity?

We work within many different complex industries. If you sell consumer packaged goods, live goods, hardlines, or softlines to retailers or grocery chains, Skulicity is designed for you.

I want to learn more. What’s next?

The first step is a scoping session.

Do you work under a VMI model, or is it straight sales? Where do you have gaps? What are your pain points? A scoping session helps us discover exactly what you need. We’ll talk with multiple team members, such as finance, replenishment, account management, demand planning, IT, and more. We also demo and walk you through our platform’s various capabilities.

Next is implementation.

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll establish connections with your ERP and create any other custom development so that our platform works specifically for you. We’ll also involve your IT team and connect with your retailer.

Finally, it’s training and onboarding.

We teach you how to use the many capabilities of the Skulicity platform. Then, as your business changes, Skulicity continues to offer training to show you new and different ways to get the most out of our platform.

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“Skulicity has been an extremely valuable business partner in providing great digital transformation solutions for Corso’s Horticulture. Working with Skulicity has become a seamless experience resulting in insightful customer data intelligence, reporting, and tools.”

Fritz Mueller, CFO, Corso’s Horticulture

Book a demo today and see if Skulicity is right for you.

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